Posted by: Denitsa | February 12, 2010

Gitta – happy in Frankfurt

Edit from 19.03.10 – Today Gita flew to Frankfurt. She will be adopted there. I hope she will be as loved and cared for as she deserves. Have a good life, Gita, never return to the street and be a good girl. I will miss you, shy beauty!

Gitta came in my home a month ago. She was living a relativly happy life on the street along with her family – three dauthers and a husband :)) They were not chased, nor abused. People fed them and took good care of them. If you are living on the street, though, you are always exposed to dangers. One sunny day a local man bought a dog and started training the dog on the cats. One of Gitta`s girls was found dead only day after that. We decided to save the others. The remaining two little girls went in a foster home and on 15 th of February they will be flying to Francfurt. Gitta came to me. She was very scared.  Now she is getting used to living in an enclosed space and she is having a lot of trouble adjusting to it. She needs attention and time. She is very loveable creature, loves to be touched, that calms her. She is looking for a permanent home. She is friendly to other cats. She has only one eye, she lost the other from a virus perhaps. Now she is castrated, vaccinnated and soon will be chipped, as well. If you are interested in adopting Gitta, she can be transported to you at our expense.

Gita ist weiblich, ca. 3 Jahre alt, kastriert, einmalig geimpft und 2 mal entwurmt. Sie hat leider eins ihrer Augen verloren, wir wissen leider nicht wie. Die Ärzte sagen aber, dass dies Gita nicht behindert. Gita ist vom Charakter sehr zahm, lieb, anschmiegsam, nicht so sehr verspielt. Sie liebt die Gesellschaft von Menschen sowie von Katzen. Sie ist nicht aggressiv und liebt es zu kuscheln und zu küssen.

Gita lebt zur Zeit in Bulgarien und hat dort fast keine Vermittlungschancen.

Ein Freund von uns fliegt nach Berlin um den 15-16. Februar. Sie könnte eine Katze mit sich an Board nehmen.

Fragen zu Gita bitte per mail:



  1. There is a chance Gitta to be adopted next week. I am very worried, so keep your fingers crossed for us, please!

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