Posted by: Denitsa | February 12, 2010

Great thanks to Dresden Animal Community!

Thanks to Dresden Rescue Organisation three little kittens found their new homes in the loving arms of their new owners. I few months ago i was called by a friend with the urgent request for help of 5 abandoned kittens, aged only few weeks, unable to feed and live on their own. They were abandoned on the street, in the cold, in a cartoon box. They looked like this:

One of them died in their first cold night out, the other was adopted and the other three came to my house. After three months with the help of Dresden Organisation they found new homes. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything they did!  The pictures can talk instead of me:

Kitties in their new homes:

I thank also these wonderful people who adopted the three princesses! You make this world a better place! Thank you!



  1. Unfortunately the boy who was adopted here is dead. He was killed on the street after his adopters let him in the yard unwatched. Rest in peace, little angel!

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