Posted by: Denitsa | February 12, 2010

Two black devils managed to survive

These are two nameless 8-monts kitties. They live in a town called Veliko Turnovo. My mother takes care of them for now. Unfortunately currenlty they are living in my mother`s basement. They feel good for now.  We have not given names to them yet. They are a boy and a girl. Their sibling died tragically when she went in a bus to warm herself. When the bus started, it had torn her arm. She died. This is the reason why we are searching for a home for the other two that managed to survive. The boy is very social, but the girl is still timid. They have not been yet vaccinnated.



  1. I added some other unfortunately bad pictures of the little ones. It turned out that the timid girl is very attached to her brother. When she is alone, she panics and start calling him. When he comes to her sight, she is calmed. So far there is nobody interested in not one of them but we keep hoping. My true hope is somebody to adopt both of them together so that they are not separated. Let us keep our fingers crossed!

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