Posted by: Denitsa | February 16, 2010

Rija – a cat with a special smile

27/09/10 Unfortunately Rija ran away from her house. The saddest thing is that she was picked by adopters in Germany and her flight was only days away. We still keep hoping she will be found and adopted in Germany. Please, girl, come home!

Rija is a young, ginger cat. She was deliberately hit by a car. A girl that witnessed the incident asked for help and that is how Rija came to our forum. Rija`s jaw was hurt very badly and she underwent a surgery. Her jaw healed irregularly and now it is a little inclined. It does not prevent Rija from eating or cleaning herself. It just gives her a charming look. Now Rija lives in a foster family with a girl that takes care of dogs. Rija is afraid of them so she is confined in one room. Rija likes to be caressed and enjoys human company. When changing surroundings, she needs a little more time than usual to adjust. Rija is castrated and vaccinated, ready to take on the long journey to her new home.


  1. New pictures of cute Rija uploaded.

  2. Rija is “reserved”. Yupieee!

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