Posted by: Denitsa | February 19, 2010

Elza – a dog, finally given a second chance

Elza is about 3 years old. When she was a puppy she got sick. She survived but not without concequences. She has tics (you can see in the video) and sometimes she collapses for a few seconds. Now she is in a foster home and she has a play buddy. She feels good and happy. She is a very calm dog, very smart and easy to live with. She is friendly to other dogs. She is now on phenobarbital which is supposed to affect the collapses. Elza is a charming young lady that needs calm and quite home and owners. She likes to stay at the window and to observe people and traffic. She is castrated and soon she will be vaccinated as well.

Video (from last year when Elza was still living homeless on the street)  –



  1. Update on Elza:
    Since she is on the right dose of phenobarbital Elza has no seizures and her tics have become more rare. Elza is doing great, she enjoys home life and her daily walks with her friend. She is already vaccinated.

  2. 05.04.10 – The progress of Elza

    We are very proud to announce that Elza has no more ceizures and her tics are rarer. Actually everyone finds her very charming as if she is chewing a chewingum:)) Morover, Elza is doing more than great, she knows different commands such as Sit. She turned out to be a very smart dog. She is very self-dependant, very active and live. See her new videos below:

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