Posted by: Denitsa | March 28, 2010

The tragic story of a homeless person and her animals

A year ago i found this old homeless lady living alone on the street under a pile of boxes along with many cats and dogs. The picture was terrible. Stench and filth surrounded everything. The woman was suffering from the cold, lack of food and nobody ever did something. I started taking cats for castration. All of the cats were sick. One of them had given birth to a litter and all of the kittens suffered from brain damage. When i found them, there was only one kitten left – Jack (his story you can read in the post Jack and Rijko). Below you can see the pictures of cats that i took and had adopted. Now there are about 4 young cats that need homes. Pictures of them i will post later.

This is the home of the old homeless lady and her cats:

This is Ani – the first cat, that was adopted:


After, in her first real home

Rubby, the second adopted cat. She stayed with her foster family and now she has playmated – a beautiful male cat named Michael after Michael Jackson and a cute dog.

Lotti – she had the enormous luck to be adopted in Germany

And Jack whose pictures you can see in his own post.

If this story touched you and you want to help, you can write me. I plan to help the cats that were left there. The only problem is that homes for ordinary cats like these are very hard to find. So if you consider adopting one of them, i will prepare the cat so that she can arrive to you in perfect health, socialised and ready to start a new life. The cats that are still living there you can see below:



  1. Unfortunately, the cats from the last pics are not there any more. I was too late and could not save them. Only God knows what happened there and where did all the cats go. Little sweet angels, i am sorry!

  2. strawey (correct?:)) Denitsa,

    do you have pictures of those cats i can take care of?

    how would the transfer from bg to germany work?

    great job you are doing. i ve studied 5 month in bulgaria and we took care of several kitten.

    bye stefan

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