Posted by: Denitsa | April 14, 2010

Freya the Goddess

On 17 th of September Freya flew away to her new home in Munich together with Rijko. I loved them both and i will always will. I wish them the greatest happiness and many many sunny days in Germany. I love you, guys!


Freya is the new inhabitant of my cats` room. She is just adorable! Not a cat but a real treasure. The only thing she needs is love. She is extremely calm cat, extremely affectionate. I am convinced she was onced a domestic cat. She is not very playful, nor active. Mostly lies in bed and search for company. She is like a symbol of peace. Moreover, she is a beautiful girl.

Freya is about 1 year old, castrated, vaccination is to be administered.

Еdit from 01.06.10

It is all fun, love and games, games, games at home. Freya can be adopted with one of her best friends:

Freya is vaccinated and absolutely ready to travel. She is a real treasure. She loves human and animal company, she is affectionate and she can be adopted together with one or more of her friends because, as you can see from the photos, they love each other very much.


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