Posted by: Denitsa | May 9, 2010

Freddy the dog – last chance

Freddy is an old guy – perhaps more than 10 years old.  He was born in a poor village. The first years of his life were happy – he lived in a house, not chained, free as the wind. He was a happy dog. Soon Freddy was not wanted any more. He was moved to another house but this time his owners chained him. And so many years passed. Freddy was getting sadder and sadder. His eyes showed his depression. He spend his life chained on a 1 meter chain. He is fed only with bread, he has no fresh water and his bread lies among his feces.  He is mini dog – with size of a male cat. He weighs about 5 kilos.

If somebody is willing to give him a final home and a chance to live the last years of his life in a warm home with a warm bowl of food, i will go back to that village, take Freddy with me and prepare him for his new home.



  1. I hope by now that some kind person will offer Freddy a chance. My heart breaks when I hear about situations like this, even though I’m a cat and live far across the ocean!

  2. Hi, Greyce!
    Thank you for stopping by here and sending positive thoughts over the ocean!
    Unfortunately, Sharko (his bulgarian name) is still in that poor village. There is a family here though, that are seriously thinking over adopting Freddy. I asked them to think really hard about it and take a responsible decision. They have a cat and are a little worried how she will react to Freddy. They are also concerned whether Freddy will have habbits.
    So, i am praying and keeping my fingers crossed that this family decides in favour of Freddy and soon to post here new pictures of the little guy posing from a soft couch.

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