Posted by: Denitsa | May 21, 2010

My latest sad discovery – Arven, survived canine distemper

/ see comments below photos about Arven`s improvement and her new life in the foster home/

Update from 04/07/2010

Arven is doing great. She has received her first vaccinations. Very obedient, cute and affectionate pet. See for yourselves:

2 days ago i got down from the bus near my home and there she was – sitting on the street, trembling, convulsing.  She is only 4 months old, homeless, with one blue eye, beautiful and cute. She was hit by a bus 15 days ago. As a result she has tremours. Today she was brought to the clinic where she will live until a foster or a permanent home is found. Here she is – so beautiful and small.

Arven – video



  1. Doctors said that Arven had suffered from a canine distemper which is the reason for the face, chewing gum tics and her uncoordinated movements. Arven though is full of life and she wants to live it the way she can. The only thing she needs is a home and owners.

  2. 04.06.10 – Аrven is in a foster home. She feels great there but most importantly it turned out that she is a very smart and good dog. She has perfect hygiene habits, she adores cats, she stayes alone in her room without any problem, goes for a walk in a leash and is so calm and wonderful. New home and owners are the one thing she needs now.

  3. New awesome pictures and video of Arven uploaded. Enjoy!

    We are still looking for a home.

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