Posted by: Denitsa | July 16, 2010

A new baby boy crossed my way

Edit  from 06/012/10 – Malcho flew away to Frankfurt. He will be adopted there soon. We all wish you much happiness and love, Malcho!


Edit from 26/10/10 Malcho (as we called the boy) is “reserved” in Germany. A family has recognized him as their future pet. Now we are trying to collect the money for his transport.

2 weeks ago i was having lunch in the park when i heard kitten miawoing from somewhere above. I looked up and saw two 3-month kittens climbed on a tree. They were so scared and in shock. A girl and a boy who were so obviously abandoned there not long ago. I started going there for several days. They were starving and so thirsty because of the hot weather and the lack of water around. They lived on the tree always afraid to go down. One day the girl was missing. I do not know what happened to her. So, i took the boy before it was too late for him too.

A young girl took him at her student appartment where she has been fostering another cat. Now the boy is doing great. He is playful, very friendly to the other cat and very affectionate – just like any other kitten. He is 4 months old and soon will be vaccinated. He forgot his ordeal very fast.

This is how he used to live for several days. You can see in his eyes how terrified and scared he was.

And this is him in the foster student studio. Look how his eyes changed – no fear, no panic.  And he turned out to be very handsome young man



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