Posted by: Denitsa | October 11, 2010

Two handicapped cats – Jack and Gaby

Jack and Gaby are the two new friends in my home. The discovered each other after Rijko and Freya left. Now they spend all of the time together playing like crazy.

The story of Jack you can read in the post -The story of Jack and Rijko. He is 2 years old and he was born with cerebellar hypoplasia – a condition that make him walk like a duck. Despite of that Jack is one of the most active and playful cat that i have ever met. He loves human company and always comes when you call him. He enjoys the company of cats and dogs. He is castrated, vaccinated and microchipped.

Gaby is only 4 months old. She was found in a hole in the ground with a trauma on her waist. Now she is limping with her back leg which is likely to stay permanent. This does not bother her at all. She is like all other normal little kittens – games is all that she is interested in.

Gaby and Jack will be happy to be adopted together but they can be adopted separately as well.

Enjoy their photos:


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