Posted by: Denitsa | November 22, 2010

Johnny – the big sad boy

Jonny is a big boy. With an even bigger heart. His heart, though, was broken. A few years ago he was abandoned high in the mountain Vitosha near Sofia. So high that people go very rarely there. Winters there are severe and hard to survive through. Somehow Jonny managed to go through these harsh winter moments. Year after year. The lack of food and water though exhausted him and made him look years older than he actually is. The worst is that not only is heart is broken but  his spirit too. His look is sad, resigned…

My boyfriend and i couldn`t feel more sorry for him. My boyfriend who has a soft spot in his heart for big dogs, decided that he just could not walk away and took Jonny in his home. He will feed the big boy, so that he can gain weight again, he will vaccinate him and try to return the smile back on his face. It turned out that Jonny is castrated and walks very well on a leash. So far he only sleeps and eats. We can only guess since how long he hasn`t slept well. The food he just inhales.

Here is the first photo of the new life of Jonny. We are searching for a home for Jonny anywhere in Europe. More photos in just a few days.



  1. What a great kindness you have rendered! He certainly deserves good care and lots of love.

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