Posted by: Denitsa | December 17, 2010

Cat Santa Claus from Britain came to visit us

Mrs Valeri Harris from Britain sent us a second amazing Christma parcel full of toys for the cats and some presents for me too! I am so very touched by such a kindness and generousity by a lady who does not know me personally! She bought and send my cats amazing stuff! As some of you know – i have 3 babies at home. Imagine their excitement when i emptied the package in front of them. There were balls, special mice, toys, treats, sticks! The cats went wild! Even Sissi started playing with the little ones!

Dear Valerie,

Thank you! I want you to know that this really means a lot to me! Right now it is a bad period for me and i can`t afford buying such things for my cats. Thanks to you – they all have such amazing toys and options for games. And that is important, you know. I do not know how i deserved such a kindness but please know that i appreciate and treasure those wonderful gestures of yours!

The personal gifts for me were just fabulous! You can see them below.

Now enjoy some photos and let you feel the joy that the magical parcel brought home last night:

My babies were most ebullient:

Blind Lilly using her nose to explore her presents:

Jack enjoying his new mouse, watched by the envious Arven

Smart Susie immediately knew there was something more in the package…

Something that smelled delicious…

Yes! It is mine!

Those sticks were the hit this time

And more games and joy

The presents destined for me. The beautiful postcard. From a cat person to a cat person 🙂

Then the refrigerator magnet with a true inscription.

And the cute bookmark calendar with little kitten that i forgot to make photo of….Stupid me!

That was a really exciting night! Thank you again, dear Valerie!




  1. It pleases me to know you all enjoy the parcel so much this makes me happy .

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