Posted by: Denitsa | January 14, 2011

Mechi is getting ready for a trip to Germany!

The story of Mechi i have not posted here but she is just as exciting as every other. Mechi was the friend of the Siamese cat who passed away after an allergic reaction to antibiotics. Both lived in the yard of an animal hoarder. Mechi was injured by a dog and had a hole in her throat. That was the reason the woman gave her to me. She wanted her back but i couldn`t give her back to that place.

In the beginning Mechi looked like an ugly duck. With time she transformed into a beautiful swan. Just like in the fairytale. She came with an extra – herpes virus and hlamidia. She fought the nasty diseases and got better.

Now she is the favourite pet in my home. She is friendly with everyone, especially fond of dogs and socks. Her fur is so soft and shiny. She gained weight, well, a little more than was needed.

Here comes the best part – a german woman was impressed by Mechi`s fondness towards dogs and because she herself has a dog that is fond of cats, she decided to adopt Mechi as his pet. She lives in a small village and behing her house are only fields and forests. Mechi will have the rare chance of being both an indoor and outdoor cat. Moreover she will have 2 cat friends and several friendly dogs.

At the moment the only thing we are searching for is a person who can accompany Mechi in the flight because she is too little to travel in the cargo department.

Here are some pictures from the beginning and from present moment. I believe you can tell the difference :))


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