Posted by: Denitsa | January 18, 2011

Sophie needs very special people

Edit from 01/04/11 – Sophie was adopted in Austria in the home of a very special lady who has several other special cats. Thank you, Renate! Good luck, Sophie!
Sophie is one of those special cats that need special owners. Her story began when a woman called me about an injured kitten. One of the girls from Cat friends Society went to see the kitten. She took Sophie in her home and started nursing her. Only 20 days old, Sophie was attacked by a dog which hurt her hind legs and waist. At this early age it was not possible to operate the spine and therefore the veterinarian doctors applied conservative treatment with medicines for over two months. She started using all her four legs normally. The trauma though was tricky and it caused severe impairment of the reflex for going to the toilet.
Her diagnose is Injury of spinal cord between L7 and sacrum. Megacolon, Atonic bladder, neurological deficit of the waist area.
Right now Sophie`s treatment is over and she needs only regular surveillance. She has little sense when she needs to go to the toilet. She pees and poops wherever she needs – often on the floor, sometimes near the cat litter, sometimes as she plays around. In Bulgaria with a problem like this, she has absolutely no chance for adoption.

Other than that she is very playful and social. She loves everybody and is very friendly to other cats. Vaccinated, with a passport.

She is now 5 months ol, playful and of course cuuuute :))


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