Posted by: Denitsa | February 1, 2011

Rest in peace, little angel!

On 28 of January a small and beautiful creature went to the Rainbow bridge – little Lilly.  She was only 8 months old. She was probably part of an unwanted litter trashed away in a box next to a bus stop. A woman found the box and took the kittens in her yard where there were about 15 more cats. Lilly and most of the other cats “exchanged” different types of viruses. When i met Lilly her eyes were severely damaged supposedly from herpes virus. I posted her photos in a german forum where a woman fell for her and wrote to me with the intention to adopt her. So we took Lilly in a foster home where she lived for 3 months. We ordered special eye drops from Germany and so on. During all these months Lilly suffered from infection in her nose and throat. The vet did not apply any treatment saying viruses are not treated with antibiotics and the cat should fight it on her own. As it turned out later, this was our biggest mistake. Lilly got sick, then her front paw paralysed, then she started to wabble as she walked and finally she did not want to stand up at all. Three days later she died most probably of FIP. We buried her in the mountain, next to a river. She had all the chances most homeless cats need. She would have been adopted and would have lived in a good home. But she never got to it.

Rest in peace, little Lilly! I hope now you are able to see and play just like you were supposed to do here. Say hello to Survive!



  1. Dear Denitsa,

    I’m sure that little Lilly is able to see and play over the Rainbow-bridge.
    She will be with all your other cats over there and talk about how happy they have been that they met you.
    When you think of her, you can feel her because she will always be with you.
    I’ll burn a little candle for this little angel……..


    • Thank you, Carin! Since she died i can`t stop thinking of her. I miss her on her usual spot, i search for her….It was so sad, so sad and senseless….I hope one day i understand why are such things happening…

      Be blessed!


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