Posted by: Denitsa | March 2, 2011

Two male cats need urgent help

An old woman called me with the request to help her 2 male cats. Her story is very sad. Her son sold her house and made her get rid of all of her animals – 7 cats. She managed to find new homes for 5 of them, but the last 2 male cats nobody wanted. So, she had nothing left to do but to release them on the street. This was a big mistake as it turned out later. The first cat came back but the second one escaped. He was missing for 1 month. He came back very sick, dehydrated and with lost weight. He was in a clinic for 2 weeks after that. Now he is fine, but he is still in shock as you can see from the pictures. Obviously the physical trauma is a very big one. He will need a long time to recover.

The cats are both male, age 5-6 years, castrated but not vaccinated.

The worse part in this story is that the cats live in the old house of the woman. The house is sold and every moment now it should be taken down.

I am trying to find temporary homes for the boys with no luck so far. They also need forever homes too. They fight with each other, so they can be adopted separately. Unfortunately most people here who want to be foster parents, prefer to take animals that are already “booked”, so to say, so that they have an idea of how long approximately they will have to look after the animal. That is why these poor creatures desperately need to be “liked” in order to be place in foster homes.

If somebody is interested in adopting one of them, i will prepare the cat with vaccinations, mickrochip and passport. If anyone is interested in donating money for their preparation, i will be very grateful for every help.

Here are the photos:

And the traumatized cat:


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