Posted by: Denitsa | June 1, 2011

Zoro – my first baby for summer season 2011 :))

Summer came and with it all the unwanted, lost, sick kittens on our streets. Fortunately for me my first summer kitten 2011 turned out to be a healthy one. Other girls from our small rescue group were not so lucky – two of them found litters with more than 10 kittens altogether that are sick from herpes virus and have very badly infected eyes…:(

Zoro was found on a tree crying for help. Children found him, took him down, took to the vet, where they refused to examine the kitten for free. No one from their parents allowed them to take the kitten, so Zoro came to me.

He is about 1 month old, already vaccinated with a baby vaccination. His character – well….Extremely social and affectionate! He just can`t be without a human with him. He prefers to stay all evening on my shoulder while i type on the computer and then all night on my head. He just wants to be with people. Very open and self confident kitten. Very brave also. He is not afraid neither of dogs, nor of big male cats. So funny and pleasant experience to have a small kitten at home đŸ™‚

Enjoy his happy childhood:


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