Posted by: Denitsa | June 12, 2011

Nelly – the pastel cat

Nelly suffered a lot in her short life. She was a home pet, living in an appartment, thinking she was loved and cared for. Well…think twice…
Nelly fell down through the open window. She was badly hurt. Her tail and the end of her spine were injured. Her tail was amputated and the end of her spine was also operated. The worst thing was that her nerves were badly injured and as a result Nelly has no sensitivity of her bladder. That means she does not know when she pees or poops. She pees and poops without feeling it or being aware of. Sometimes she senses she must go to the toilet and rushes to the cat tray but…too late. Nelly needs an owner who can manage taking care of her physical needs and helping her go to the toilet. We had such cases before and the best thing with Nelly is that she does not contain the urine and poop inside her which is dangerous. Other cats kept the urine and poop inside them and needed help with that. But Nelly does not. She just has no sensitivity of her physical needs.
When Nelly`s owners heard of that, they demanded euthanasia. Doctors refused to put her down because Nelly is able to live a good and happy life with more responsible owners.
She is castrated, vaccinated, about 2 years old. As a character, she is extremely affectionate, longing for a touch and care.
Please, help us a find her a home abroad. No one here wants to adopt “special” pets. She lives in a transport box in the clinic for 1 month already. No one wants to be a foster home for her and she is so lonely in the narrow box without any movement or company.

This is Nelly and she is one of the most beautiful cats i have even seen. We call her “the pastel cat”, because she is just like painted by an artist….


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