Posted by: Denitsa | July 20, 2011

Another magical cat parcel from UK came to us

Last week our friend Valerie Harris fro England made another surprise to my cat family. Another magical cat parcel!  But this time the parcel was a little more special! It was sent by Boris – the gorgeous ginger cat of Valerie. Boris is like Jack – born with cerebellar hypoplasia. He is like Jack also because he was saved and adopted by Valerie.  And so two handicapped fellows exchange gifts over sea 🙂

Valerie, on behalf of my big cat family, thank you again for the very kind gesture! Almost every month we receive gifts from you and we simply can`t understand how we deserve it! Well, i think i am the only one wondering, cats, as you know, think they deserve everything 🙂

Everytime Valerie sends us a cat parcel it is always a baby situation at home. And now is not an exception. Little Zori mostly enjoyed the content of the cat parcel. And of course as usual the catnip mouse was the hit!

And of course there was a super sweet postcard with greetings from Boris to Jack! Absolutely cute! I decided Jack will not appreciate that as much as the cat treats so i took it with me to work and place it on my desk to brighten my office life!

Valerie, thank you for being so kind and generous!

When i unpacked Valeries`s parcel and i gave the cats the toys, something amazing happened! Jack and Suzi stood next to each other, sniffing and exploring and this was the first time Jack did not bother Suzi! Amazing!

Enjoy some photos and more in Facebook /album called “Valerie`s cat parcel No. 3/:



  1. Wow! Jack was okay with Suzi?!! That IS news!

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