Posted by: Denitsa | July 21, 2011

Small girl needs a name and help

This is our newest case. This little girl was left in the vet clinic by someone who had found her and who cannot take care of her. She was left for euthanasia. Doctors called us and asked us whether we can take care of her. Could not say not…

The girl needed an emergent operation of her colon because it was out of her body. The reason was most probably severe diarrhoea. She is vert dehydrated and obviously she has not eaten with days.

We launched a virtual adopting campaign and this little girl is part of it. Anyone who wants to help but is unable to do it phycically can virtually adopt a kitten, give a name to her/him and pay for the treatment or if impossible for the vaccination and microchip.

This little girl here urgently needs a lucky name and a help. We simply can`t afford to pay for her operation, our bill in the clinic is with 4 digits now. For now the arrangements with the clinic are that we urgently try to find a sponsor for the little girl.

So, any volunteer for the beautiful soul?

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