Posted by: Denitsa | July 27, 2011

Kotana – a disabled beauty

I was contacted by a woman who lives in a village near Sofia. Together with her daughther they created almost a small shelter in their house and yard. I was trully impressed by the care and nobility of these two women! So, i did not have a choice. I am starting to help them find new homes for all the cats and dogs there. So, number one in the list is the pretty Kotana.

Kotana was rescued after being attacked by dogs. The local vet (unfortunately not experienced and trust worthy) said she needs an operation which costed more than the women could afford. He said that she has a broken a spine verterbra. She has sensitivity in her back legs and tail but unfortunately she can`t control her needs. That is why she is with pampers. The ladies wash and dry her every day. She has no wounds. She moves but she drags her back legs. It is likely that her condition might be reversible after operation. Right now we can`t afford to take her to proper vet due to financial restrictions. If anyone wants to help us with that, we will be more than grateful.

Kotana is like a princess – beautiful, gentle, kind.

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