Posted by: Denitsa | July 27, 2011

Stieve, a kitten with a lack of coordination

I came across Stieve in Facebook. I have a soft spot for disabled kittens and especially those with coordination problems like my Jack. That is why i offered to help him find a new home.

His story: A family rescued a cat and vaccinated her without knowing she is pregnant. The result is the condition of Stieve. Even though he has troubles moving, as you will see from the video, he is quite playful and active.

Stieve is under the care of the organisation Let`s adopt! and they have some special requirements towards adopters.

For our UK friends and especially Valerie Harris i want to remind that the UK quarantine of 6 months is no longer valid as of 01.12.2012 đŸ™‚

See video:



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