Posted by: Denitsa | August 15, 2011

Gosho the Pretty one needs a home

Gosho (named after St. George, which means Victor) is a puppy of 3 months old.
He and he was brother were found wandering around on the highway. No mother
around, nothing. It was a pure miracle that they were not hit by cars. His
brother died very unexpectedly after 2 months. We were all very sad because they
seemed to be healthy and vaccinated. To this moment we do not know the reason
for his brother`s death.
But Gosho made it through and he became a wonderful,
happy and cute puppy.
He is very obedient, he always listens to what i am
saying/ordering to him. Right now he is in that age where he is learing to live
in the dog world. He is not like some puppies who are crazy and naive. Just on
the contrary, Gosho seems to be very smart and obedient.
He is 3 months old,
vaccinated, he goes on walks now and he learned so amazingly quickly how to
behave like a dog in terms of hygiene. Very smart!
He needs only one rabies
vaccination more.

Who wants Gosho as their pet?

He lives with me,
likes cats and other dogs very much. It is likely that he grows up to be a
little bigger dog than the average because his paws are biiiig


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