Posted by: Denitsa | October 29, 2011

Jack needs urgently a new home and i need your help

This is Jack and this is his story –

He is living with me for 3 years. He is a special cat. He was born with cerebellar hypoplasia but this turned out to be his biggest advantage. He is lively, active, playful, always needing stimulation and games. His problem is that he likes to tease other cats. Some cats, not all of them. Right now he is living in my home together with 5 other cats and he likes to chase and tease 3 of them giving them a hard time. The situation is absolutely out of control and that is why i need and beg for your help – help me spread his story around and find him a new home.

He is so affectionate to people -he adores people. He can be  also easily scared so that is why i do not think he will be good company for small children.

Please, help me find him a good home finally.

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