Posted by: Denitsa | November 17, 2011

Recent updates

Here are some updates from recent weeks, fortunately mostly positive but also sad ones.

1. Gosho – one of my fosters went to Germany where he will search for a new home. He is absolutely lovely so i am sure he will be quickly adopted. Now he lives in a foster home and people are fascinated with him. Good luck, Gosho! Hope to you again one day!

The story of Gosho –

2. Stieve, the little male kitten with CH fostered by people from Let`s adopt Bulgaria is placed now in a foster home in Germany. He is a special cat and i believe a special person will come along very soon to value and share Stieve`s special love.

Story of Stieve –

3. Kotana – she is still in a need of a home. Some new pictures of her:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Elza – unfortunately she is over the Rainbow bridge. Rest in peace, Elza! We will always remember you!

the story of Elza –



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