Posted by: Denitsa | November 24, 2011

Ori – kitten, attacked by dogs

Ori is our newest foster. His story began a few days ago when his photo appeared in Facebook saying that in the very centre of Sofia, there is a little kitten that drags his back legs. Obviously he has attacked by homeless dogs that bit his back. How he appeared on one of the busiest places in Sofia is still a mistery. We hoped that someone will help him because we really cannot afford another case right now. But by the end of the day, Ori was still there, in the cold, injured and scared. So, now he is in my guest room.

He has a severe trauma in the back of his spine. His tail is absolutely torpid and his back legs lack coordination. He is moving like a rabbit at the moment. Doctors hope that with time maybe he will be able to control his back legs and move normally. The best news is that he is able to pee and poop without problems because there was a risk that this trauma might have caused neurological damage.

Ori is absolutely gorgeous! He is extremely affectionate! Despite his trauma, he uses the litter box on his own. He eats very well and adores human company.

He is only 2 months old and of course he is in the list for adoption. And if anyone who cannot adopt him but wants to help him, can contact us and become a virtual adopter, helping him with vet bills, food, vaccinations, etc. This will be so helpful for us because right now we have so many fosters and almost none adopters…

See his goregeous green eyes đŸ™‚

This is how he was found:


  1. oh Deni he is georgeous

    • You can adapt my post if you want or not put in at all. It was more for you to know than a post. Speak to you soon. Graeme

  2. We wish him well, let me know how he is getting on. Have they scanned him for musculosketal injuries? Has he had something done to his front leg, it looks shaved. Do you have blood tests been done for FIV, FelV, FCov, & FIP? If he is clear of all & stays clear. & begins to show normal walking recovery we would be interested so can we get 1st say (& would re-imburse you for the blood tests). I know it is cheeky but we have just spent an absolute fortune on our little guy who we adopted from Bulgaria 2 year ago who We recently lost to FIP after a fight to save working with some of the best veterinary pharmascists in the world; and we suspect begun in a Cattery. So do that again & then lose Ori would not only break us financially but emotionally. Keep him safe but let his immune system build with GOOD protein wet food (decent non rubbish cat food) ie/ meat protein, not vegetable protein rubbish in it, or too much derivatives, to give his chances of healing the best chance into a young adult cat, before jabbing him with vaccinations as if given too young damage natural immune system & be VERY careful of FIP. Keep Cats separate if possible from any fecal spread, litter trays etc, or bowl share, or serious fighting or cleaning each others genital areas. Thanks Graeme.

  3. You can adapt my post if you want or not put in at all. It was more for you to know than a post. Speak to you soon. Graeme

  4. Hi, Graeme, thank you for the comment and the useful information! We also have very bad experience with FIP! This is maybe the worst fate a cat can have! I have personnaly gone through that pure nightmare with 2 cats. I hope to the bottom of my heart that this will never ever happen again to me or a cat that under my care.
    As to Ori – he is a grown up young man now, castrated, vaccinated, fully recovered except for the tail which just hangs there at the back of his body. But it does not bother him. Here is the latest video of Ori and his love for dogs –

    • Quite amazing as he was attacked by dogs a year ago. He looks to have a good friend in Robin? Do they spend a lot of time together?

    • So now that Ori he has been with you a year I presume he is now your cat with all his group of friends; – all the other cats there & the dog on the video he seems to be good friends with.

  5. I’ve just seen it was a post a year ago? How is he?

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