Posted by: Denitsa | December 4, 2011

Our UK supporter Valerie Harris brought the Christmas spirit at home

Mrs. Valerie Harris managed for a second year to bring the Christmas spirit at home taking our breaths away with her kindness and generousity!  She sent me and my furry friends amazing presents and that again provoked wild cat games and touched my heart! This time Valerie even sent a toy for my dog Arven and what an amazing toy! See the photos below!

Of course most happy, as usual, were the little ones – Ori and Hope. Ori liked the most the red ball that blinks in red light just as his eyes do when he is chasing it. And Hope liked that ball too so there is a small disagreement over it :))

The bigger ones as if knowing this was one of those magical parcels, patiently expected the treats! Hmmm, i am sure they recognized the envelope and knew for sure there was something delicious in there so they insisted on receiving the treats first 🙂

Valerie being such a kind person, sent me again presents. This time she melted my heart with a gorgeous brooch and sweet postcard! Valerie, you brought tears in my eyes by this gesture! I hope God returns your goodness!

Please, enjoy the photos:

The babies even fought for the light ball:

The beautiful postcard – the first and most special Christmas ornament this year at home:

Arven enjoying her present:

My oldest Susie is still bullied by Jack so she took her present far away from him:


Jack wants to send something in return…

The beautiful brooch! I will carry this with the memory of you, Valerie! Thank you so much!

This envelope i am definitely keeping!! 🙂

Christmas treats for good cats 🙂

Jack and Gaby prefer the treats over games with new toys

Okay, i had a treat, let`s check the other stuff

And let the game begin…

Half an hour later…

The red ball is mine, you stupid boy! You came last in this house!

Arven is running away from the cat fight with her toy

Gaby is trying to decide which toy she prefers to play with…Hmmm, what a problem! Susie has no such problem!

How much spirit, emotion and goodness an ordinary Christmas parcels can contain? I can only imagine how many such parcels in the world are travelling right now with the hope of bringing happiness and smile to someone. This one, that i received today, brought happiness to several homeless cats that were once miserable and in pain, just there on the streets of Bulgaria. This parcel brought warmth and hope to me. Hope for a better future. The Christmas postcard brought the Christmas spirit in my lonely December. What more can an ordinary Christmas parcel contain? Nothing more! Nothing!

Valerie, thank you again from the bottom of my heart! I wish every single creature on earth feels just for once the emotion and happines you bring in my family! I wish this year they are more parcels like yours travelling worldwide today, because the magic and joy it contains are the things that make this world truly a better place!




  1. happy pets
    the little green tin is peppermints for you !

  2. for me? really? and i gave a pill or two to them :)))) Jesus! are these really for me? :)))) it`s so funny

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