Posted by: Denitsa | February 9, 2012

Mishi – a dwarf kitten

This is Mishi – 5 months old. She was born at home :( She had irresponsible owners who allowed their cats to produce a whole litter with disabilities. All brothers and sisters of Mishi died :( Mishi is the only one survived. Mishi was born a dwarf. She is 5 months old but her size is of 2 months old. This is was not enough for her. Several weeks ago she was brought to the clinic after a chair fell on her.  As a result she had a trauma on her back and had problems with her walk. Her rear side of the body was injured. Now she is fine, she is affectionate, loveable and wonderful. Her dwarfism is due most likely to hormonal problems. It is good for her to make some hormonal tests but these are too expensive and for now we cannot afford them. Mishi needs a home. We believe that adoption abroad is best. If you google this conditon, you will see that these pets are very delicate – they have delicate bones and as a whole they need special attention, environment, etc. At the moment Mishi has also some health problems  – a severe constipation which is treated. After she is stabilized, she will move into a foster home.

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  1. Is Mishi still available? I live in the UK and have rescued animals. I am a nurse and experienced in medication.

    What a beautiful little cat. She deserves lots of love.

    • Hello, Hannah! Thank you! Mishi was adopted years ago. She is fine 🙂

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