Posted by: Denitsa | February 10, 2012

A letter from Rijko and Freya from Germany!

Today was a very special day for me! Today i received a letter from Rijko and Freya from their new home in Germany! Can you imagine?? One year later and they wrote to me, showing me their photos and telling about their lives.

Rijko and Freya left me on 17.09.2010. Even though it was very hard for me to let them go without tears and sadness, deep inside me i had that gut feeling that they will be okay. I was sad, of course, i missed them, especially the affectionate character of Rijko, his games and wild playing sessions. But my intuition told me that they are going HOME.

The owners of Rijko and Freya are lovely people. They wrote me several wonderful letters that just melted my heart. They speak with such a love about them. I can feel their love and admiration for these two cats.  They surrounded them with gentle care and attention. My gut did not lie to me! 🙂

See for yourself these amazing pictures from Rijko and Freya`s new lives. Their new  names are Kaschmir and Burma.

God bless them all!

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