Posted by: Denitsa | April 18, 2012

Our blind charming boys

Yes, they are blind, yes, they have suffered and definitely yes – they are one of the most loveable creatures we have ever seen!

1. Joe

Joe is our newest case. He was found just before Easter lying on the street, breathing heavily. I took him to the vet and honestly i thought he will die. The first two days he was unadequate, going in circles, without any reaction in the healthy eye. Now he is stable, but it turned out that he is blind with the both eyes perhaps due to the trauma or the severe infection. He is in a clinic now, being treated, has great apetite and conquers the doctors`s hearts. His bill in the clinic is enormous, so if anyone can help, we will appreciate it.

We are very hopeful for Joe`s future. He is beatuful, long-haired, just still a little confused.He is around 8 months old.

2. Topcho

Topcho is an old experienced guy – around 5 years old. He was found very ill outside. After a long recovery, he is now castrated and soon vaccinated. He is absolutely gorgeous! He has one of those big male heads perfect for cuddling! He is a big guy also – a lot of muscles and a touch body which unfortunately did not help him fight with the dangers outside.  His charm is indisputable :))

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