Posted by: Denitsa | December 18, 2012

When it is just not meant to be…The story of Mommy

Mommy was an ordinary stray cat – living outside in the big city, fighting for food, fighting with all the dangers of the cat stray life. Giving birth regularly, eating garbage and leftovers from human food, experiencing stress on a regular basis took its toll.

After several years Mommy was noticed by me and my collegueas. She had her next litter of 4 cute babies. We managed to find them homes abroad so Mommy and the babies ended up in my cat room to get ready for their trip abroad and their new forever homes. No more hunger, no more cars and dogs, no more dangers and stress. If it was meant to be…

After less than a month Mommy suddenly stopped eating. We made all possible blood tests and examinations – everything was in order. Except her stomach – something horrible had grown up in there as a result of the life she has outside. A tumor had spread in almost every organ of her. She fought it for a week, she survived a surgery but vets confirmed – it is too big, we cannot remove it.

So, today Mommy left our world without finding her forever home.

The only thing i am happy about is that in her last days, she was inside, she had warm blanket and a full bowl and clean water – all the things she fought for on the street.

In her last hours her babies sat around her and licked her – to comfort her maybe, to say goodbye…

One of the many outdoor cats, Mommy was special to me. I hope she knew it…

Rest in peace, beautiful Mommy. You had a home, you had your human, you had your chance. I hope we can meet one day again.

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