Posted by: Denitsa | September 18, 2013

Twin sisters Mia and Fiona – beautiful black pantheras in a need of a new home

Mia and Fiona – two charming sisters are my new foster girls. I found them back in June when they appeared out of nowhere on our dog walking area. It was so obvious that someone just got rid of them the night before, exposing them to so many dangers. Unfortunately there were 3 kittens abandoned – Mia, Fiona and their sibling. I could not take them home since a few weeks earlier i recued a mom with 3 newborn babies who “surprisingly” were left on very same place. Coincidence? No, absolutely not! And sadly the third black kitten i found dead, killed by dogs on the next day. And so i had no choice but to rescue Mia and Fiona too. They were in utter shock during the first days but very quickly adapted to the home surroundings, making friends with my other cats.

Now Mia and Fiona are two gorgeous black pantheras, aged 4 months, vaccinated, social, playful and so beautifully black!

They need urgently a new home.

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mia and fiona

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