Posted by: Denitsa | July 17, 2014

Zizu – the cat with the saddest eyes

18933955uc 18933975zpZizu was just an ordinary stray cat. She lived in front of a zoo shop all day long staring at the tons of food there. Some people used to kick her, some bought a little cheap food for the dirty stray cat staring at the window. Zizu gave birth to her kittens on the nearby parking, i do not know what happened to them. Year after year she led a hard life between the parking and the zooshop with tens of people and cars around her. And so one day i met her and i could help noticing she had the saddest eyes that were saying ‘i am so tired, so tired, i do not want to live like that anymore’.

And so i took her, brought her for castration and tests. One of the tests came back positive – FIV+. The tired girl was infected with the feline immunodeficiency virus. I could not bring her back there with that condition.

And now she is looking for a forever home. She is extremely calm and affectionate. Loves to snuggle and pur.

Who would give a finally joyful life to the sad Zizu?


  1. Oh I would but too far away 😦

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